Who We Are

You will always have an open invitation to get to know this place and the people. We hope as we get to know one another, you will find a warm, worshipful church and a friendly place where we care for one another. Most importantly, we hope that you will see our priority of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Woodlands is led by our pastor and the session. The session is a group of elders elected by the congregation. We are part of a larger denomination known as the Evangelical Presbyterian Church.

The session gives leadership to ministry teams that provide opportunities for service and involvement in the life of the church and community. Men’s and women’s bible studies, various get-togethers, and outreach opportunities are a few examples.

Entrance Sign May 2023

Community Meetings & Events

We also open our church for many Community groups for their meetings and events such as American Legion, DAR, PEO groups, QUILT MINISTRY and others.